People Magazine's Country Music Launch

Last night I was reminded that I use to have a role in the music industry when I accepted an invitation to go to the launch of People Magazine's annual 'Country Music' issue. The liquor and food were free and other than hanging with a bunch of folks I didn't know and was perfectly fine keeping it that way, the party was splendid. It served to remind me why I like the writer's world more than I do the music business. Of course, I don't live in New York where I could probably dig up a sizable group of publishing folks who I would find equally boring. Don't get me wrong, I remain passionate about music and those who create it. I mean I still get excited about Bonnaroo or a guitar pull in the backyard, out around the fire pit in my council circle.

The night wasn't all bad, even beyond the aforementioned free liquor. I ran into John Ingrassia, one of my all-time favorite folks from the music industry. He has just moved down to Nashville from New York. Lucky Nashville. I've never gone away from being with John that I didn't feel I had just been with a person of worth and integrity. And with fear that they may read this blog, I should add that I also got to hang with other friends, too numerous to name, who I miss very much.