A New Carnton Book

I am spent. Spent! 

Most of my day was 'spent' sitting right here, trying to edit and re-edit the new Carnton Book. This whole project has lasted longer than the American Civil War did. Seriously. 

Years ago someone talked the then director of the site into bringing the world-class photographer Bruce Wolf to Carnton to photograph the site. Turned out he needed two trips down here to do it. Out of his shoots came some of the handsomest photographs ever made of the site. While I was not sold on the project on the front end, there's no questioning Bruce Wolf's work. 

So after finally wrestling the project away from the chaos of the project manager and with the amazing, creative hard work of Brian Meneguza and rewriting the text (my part), the book will be out by November 1. Stay tuned and put it on your Holiday list.