A Guitar & A Pen - Ooh, La, La!

I received news that the collection of short stories by Nashville songwriters, A Guitar and A Pen that I co-edited with John Bohlinger and Justin Stelter will be released in France. This is a wonderful collection of stories by some of Nashville's finest songwriters -- Kris Kristofferson, Tom T. Hall, Charlie Daniels, Janis Ian, Tia Sillers, Bobby Braddock, Marshall Chapman, Hal Ketchum, Tim Putnam, Kevin Welch, Bob McDill, Bob DiPiero, Tim Johnson, Don Cook and others. 

I am very proud of this collection and have been offering a money-back guarantee to anyone who bought the book, read it and honestly could ay it was not worth the $25.00. No my publisher, but I made that deal. Funny thing, since I made the offer, not one person who bought a copy has asked for the their money back. Really not that surprising as Bob McDill said to me one day, "Tia Sillers' story alone is worth $25.00." I agree and would add most of the rest of the stories to such a list.  

So the question remains; do I extend my offer to France?