A Guitar & A Pen Old Time Radio Hour!

If I have been silent of late it is because of travels (to Marrakech for my birthday) and then my work on novel 3, coupled with starting a radio show (title above). The show has been fantastic and you can catch up with the first three pilots because we are broadcasting them on www.guitarandapen.com. 

Folks like Sam & Ruby, Vince Gill, Kenny Vaughn and Marshall Chapman have been on the show. Amazing performers, amazing performances. We are taking a break, trying to edit these three shows into a pitch for sponsors and hopefully will start back up soon. 

During part of this break I will be doing some needed writing and a bit of filming. More to follow on that. In the meantime, go to the radio show website and catch the first three shows. 

Let me add, I am grateful for all the folks like Bill McInnis, Jody Spence, Violet Cieri and Justin Stelter that made it possible...and, of course, our ace comedy writer, Emily...more about her later.