Gone: A Photographic Plea for Preservation by Nell Dickerson

I received this morning a copy of GONE - Nell Dickerson's Photographic Plea for Preservation w/ the short story, PILLAR OF FIRE by Shelby Foote and an introduction written by me. This handsome book is chocked full of Nell's wonderful photographs of lost houses & churches throughout the South. She rightly subtitles the project; A Heartbreaking Story of the Civil War.

GONE really should be THE BOOK this year for every member of the National Trust, for every preservationist, for every person who loves The South.

She came to me several years ago with the project and asked me if I would write the introduction. She asked me how much I would charge. I told her my fee for writing the introduction was having her give me the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime goal to collaborate on a project w/ Mr. Foote who had such a role in where I am today.

Order Gone Today. Go to your bookstore, big or small, and say you want them to carry this book right next to the new paperback of A Separate Country. There is a real link between the two books.