A Spouse Event @ Carnton Plantation.

This last week, I had the great pleasure to work with Well Planned Events in Nashville. They put together a spouse program for the National Board of Boilers & Pressure Vessel Inspectors. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what the group was all about when I first got there but after talking and meeting everyone have to say that I was impressed. It seems that the profession came out of a terrible incident where a boiler exploded in a elementry school killing hundreds of children back in the '30s. 

These kind of accidents had happened as long as their were boilers on a pretty regualr bases. So out of this explosion the decision was made that there needed to be a way to inspect boilers to be sure they are safe. My first question to the group was do we still make boilers? Turns out there are thousands of boilers in every city in America, Soemthimes tens of thousands of them.

And, since there have been inspections, there has not been one boiler blowup in the country. Besides, they have now moved into insopecting nuclear power plants - recently shut one down near NOLA. 

I am glad to know there is such a job and glad to knwo they are busily at work. Their wives were a great group to meet.